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Awareness, Education and Support for Menopause

The Menopause Facts

Around 75 million women in the US are currently in perimenopause, menopause or post menopause.

There is still a alot of stigma surrounding menopause which can present challenges in personal life and in the workplace.

75% of women experience symptoms and 1 in 4 are severe.

1 in 3 women state that they have moderate - severe challenges in managing their work due to menopausal symptoms.

1 in 4 women consider leaving the workplace due to their challenges with menopause.

67% of perimenopausal women experience symptoms of brain fog, mood swings and fatigue.

60% do not feel informed about menopause.

Women spend 1/3 - 1/2 of their lives in menopause.

Women over 40 make up for nearly 50% of the workforce.

Approximately 2 million women in the US reach menopause each year.

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We aim to make change!

Our passion is to guide and support women both in their personal life and in the workplace during each stage of menopause.

Every woman deserves a vibrant midlife and beyond!

We are passionate about education, support and raising awareness. 

How can THEY BLOOM help you?

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1:1 Support

I give expert guidance and programs to help you through this stage of your life. A completely personal experience in complete confidentiality. Menopause calls for a holistic look at diet, lifestyle, mindset, self care, emotional and physical support. 


Menopause in the Workplace

We train your HR, Line Managers, Employees and Wellness Champions to ensure that your company is fully supportive, sensitive and educated on all aspects of menopause and in-house policy.

We can advise on reasonable adjustments and in-house policy writing. We make everything very straightforward and easy so that change for your organisation is possible. All trainings are done with diversity, equity and inclusion in mind. 


We provide workshop "Menopause 101" which includes understanding the three stages of menopause and what to expect, hormones, treatment facts, nutrition, exercise, mindset, self-care, mental health support, how to find specialist doctors. 

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