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My Story


Midlife can be hard enough right?

As we reach our perimenopause and midlife, the things we have to deal with shapeshift slightly and can be some of the biggest things that have ever happened in our life. Such as, losing or caring for sick parents, divorce maybe, we can become empty nesters as our growing children spread their wings; physical and emotional changes from perimenopause and post menopause. There are a lot of adjustments and it can feel overwhelming at times. Every women will experience menopause differently and for some it is relatively easy but debilitating for many women also.


At 45 when I began to notice I was in perimenopause,  I had a lot on my plate in life too. I think that women when they enter this stage, can feel confused and question if it's actually perimenopausal symptoms or just symptoms of life in general. I felt the same. It was hard to understand what was just stress, depression and life in general

-  and what was perimenopause. 

I was dealing with the heartbreak of trying to help a mentally ill child who had been out of treatment facilities most of her young life. We lost my mother and both of my husband's parents within a ten-month period and I had a preventative mastectomy at the same time, two years ago my husband was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and following his recovery I had a full hysterectomy and oopherectomy. Yes it seems a lot, I know.

Before you say how did you cope? You must be so strong! - I really didnt internally. On the outside, yes I was coping but inside I was dying. I reached for coping mechanisms that were not so healthy - my 'crutches' I guess.


Drinking too much wine, eating unhealthy food and snacking constantly.

All the things I learned through my health training were thrown out of the window.

I just didn't know how to cope.

I felt I was sinking.

I didn't recognise the person that looked back at me in the mirror. I gained 30lbs of sadness and misery. None of my clothes fitted me. I hated photographs of myself, my anxiety was sky high and I felt depressed and sad behind my smile. 

Throughout this ten-year period my doctor continued to give me anti-depressants but there was never any mention of perimenopause. 

When the dust settled and my husband began his road to cancer recovery, I realised my menopause was really hitting me hard. I was 53 and was still having an irregular cycle. My sleep was terrible. I often got to sleep easily but awoke at 2am not able to get back to sleep. This left me exhausted and unable the next day to make healthy choices and my anxiety went through the roof. I survived on sugar and energy drinks to keep going. Some days I felt I could take on the world and others I cried all day. I had no libido - it had left the building with Elvis!!! I didn't get night sweats but all day I would pour with sweat on my face and back and would suffer hot flashes. My mood was all over the place and sometimes it felt like a black cloud had descended. 


At 53, I decided to take treatment for my perimenopausal symptoms and it has been life changing but equally important in my life is my holistic approach.

Our bodies and minds change in menopause and midlife and our approach has to be a different one. It's so important that we prepare our minds and bodies for our future as we age. With the correct information, every woman can make fantastic changes to bring transformation - mind, body & soul.


The transformation comes from many elements. Like the pieces of a pie. After my hsuband had his cancer surgery, my awakening came from a decision to live with gratitude every day for what I had...... to capture joy in the small things like still having my husband's hand to hold, cup of coffee in my garden or feeling the sun on my face......however cheesy that may sound!

I took well informed treatment advice for my symptoms and completely changed my nutrition to a mainly plant-based diet with some occasional fish. I gave up alcohol in its entirety and decided I wanted to be present in every moment of this life.

I walked, lifted weights and read hundreds of books, researched, studied, listened and learned. I only kept healthy connections and friends in my life and leaned into life with an acceptance that I didn't have before - now knowing that the universe had a plan for me and my family. 

Today I feel I am thriving through my midlife and menopause and I am excited for the future. It's a time for huge potential and possibility. It's not a crisis - it's CAN BE an awakening. I want to help you feel the same!

My family of 5 are all well and moving forward in life which is the best thing ever!!  

Let's do this together!!



I am a Certified Menopause Specialist and a Certified Holistic Health Coach and the Founder of company THEY BLOOM LLC  a training and personal coaching company where I help women both at home and in the workplace with staff training, 1:1 menopause support and midlife wellness.


I am an avid reader and researcher and I use up to date information to inform you about your choices and give you the facts around menopause and treatments. 

My hobbies are spending time with my 3 children, 3 cats and my dog. We love travelling and being in the outdoors. I am also an abstract artist and have exhibited my work in Dallas and Houston. Art is my creative outlet and I love to be outside with my camera or painting in my studio.







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