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10 Day Midlife Sugar Detox


This self-paced course is ideally for women over 35 and older and is a 10 Day Midlife Sugar Detox for women in perimenopause, full menopause and post also. When i wrote this program I did so with a complete appreciation of how hard it is to give up sugar in its entirety but I assure you once you know how it is very easy. Sugar is practically everywhere today and is hidden in many things too. One thing you need to realise is that sugar and menopause really do not mix!! Infact it is an awful and dangerous combination. This course will very simply explain why we need to detox from sugar in midlife, how our body actually handles and processes sugar and what it does to our hormones, bodies, weight, skin, face, hair, sleep, gut, moods, emotions and overall general emotional and physical wellbeing. There is a small amount of simple science which to be honest is required to give you a better understanding of why and how sugar in your body works. It wasn't enough for me to just keep being told that 'it's just my metabolism slowing down' I knew there was a roadmap to better health, but I just couldn't join the dots. That is exactly what I have made easy for you in this course. A full 32-page guide, a recipe book, food diary, supplement details, meal plans and pantry items and a sugar addiction checklist that you can complete and contact me for feedback if you wish. I can't wait for you to make a 10 day start on what could be a amazing change for the rest of your life.

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