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A 12 week program to tackle weight gain in any stage of menopause

Are you feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and desperate for change?

I'm Tina Hunt, Womens Holistic Health Coach & Menopause Coach 

I will help you to feel vibrant, energetic and find the health and wellbeing that will stay with you through menopause, midlife and beyond

"I fully encourage anyone who is about to, or is, facing midlife to invest in yourself through sessions with Tina. I was spiraling despite a fair amount of knowledge on what I should be doing. Tina took the time to understand my situation and provide strategies and alternatives to gently steer me to a healthier and more sustainable way forward. She is a lovely coach armed with a wealth of knowledge. I honestly can't recommend her highly enough"   

 - Tracy B - Coaching Client

Are you confused if it's just age, life stress in general or perimenopause?

There are actually many possible symptoms you might experience in perimenopause. 

Its confusing and there is no diagnostic test to determine it.

Are you experiencing......

Menstrual changes

Hot flashes

Night sweats

Hair loss

Weight gain


Body aches & joint pain

Mood changes & anger outbursts


Vaginal changes

Loss of libido & sexual dysfunction


Itchy skin

Heightened PMS

Gut issues

All of these symptoms  (and more) can occur in perimenopause due to hormonal changes and fluctuations.

I am passionate about helping you understand the why's and the how's and then get you on a path to supporting your health throughout this transition. Lets do this!!!!!

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