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A 12 week mindset and nutrition program to help you lose weight and feel fabulous in any stage of menopause

I have formulated my 12 week program PAUSE TO TRANSFORM to help so many women that I talk to that struggle with weight gain in perimenopause and beyond.

This program is for you if you are struggling with menopausal or midlife weight gain but also if you have menopausal symptoms such as:

hot flashes, night sweats,  sleep issues,  mood swings, cravings, skin breakouts, bloating, low libido, anxiety, fatigue and feelings of demotivation.

Yes, there are many ways women can struggle with symptoms in menopause (when I use that term I mean any stage of menopause) however, I notice that weight gain is the one area that women really battle with most once they reach a certain age.

Menopausal weight gain can even start as early as your 30's but mostly 40s, 50s and beyond.

I agree, it's not a pleasant feeling - to not be able to fit into half of your wardrobe, to not recognise yourself in the mirror, to avoid photographs and just feel hopeless and unattractive.


I found that the key to my own personal success came from a holistic approach and that's how I have built this program with 5 PILLARS OF SUCCESS - NUTRITION, MOVEMENT, MINDSET, OBSTACLES & ACCOUNTABILITY - these five things must be part of your action plan for success and transformation and I will help you do that!

A wholefood, balanced nutrition plan helps to reduce the many risks that are associated with menopause. It can feed your body with nutrients that can lessen many menopausal symptoms - not only weight gain.

In menopause, we generally start to accumulate and hold on to fat. This fat also gets redistributed to areas like our belly. That belly fat is visceral fat and is deep within your abdomen and surrounding organs which is dangerous to your health.


In menopause you  are at an increased risk of weight gain, reduction in lean body mass and muscle, osteoporosis, high cholesterol, cardiovascular disease and metabolic syndrome. Great hey???!!

Throw that together with a whole host of menopausal symptoms and things don't look so fantastic.

Well, let's change that NOW and get you feeling fantastic and confident that you have taken your weight and health into your own hands and most importantly you are setting yourself up for the future. 

Lets break down those 5 pillars

Nutrition - Although is not essentially correct that you can "balance your hormones" - it is true that you can eat for hormonal health, vitality, weight control and general wellbeing. As we change in midlife, our body changes too and so do our nutritional needs. 


It is not the time for faddy diets,  restriction and cutting out of major food groups. It's time to support our bodies and minds with a wholefood healthy and balanced nutrition.


Specific foods are vital for a healthy menopause and to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight we must feed our bodies what they need. Things change as we age, we are not able to eat as much as we used to and perhaps certain foods do not agree with us anymore. You don't gain weight because of the calories in the food you eat alone - it's the quality of the food you eat that matters too.


Your hormones health is very important in menopause. They control appetite, hunger, food cravings, metabolic rate, fat gain and fat distribution.

There are NINE hormones that are responsible for this whole process and "harmonizing" them through nutrition is vital and I can easily help you do that.

Lets get together and start getting you on track!



Together we can work at cutting down (not cutting out) on sugar, eating lower glycemic foods and concentrate on getting the right balance of fibre, fats and protein which are so important in menopause and midlife.

We can work together to build a plan that suits you and your dietary requirements and preferences. All recipes will be included for you and we can change and build on them if needed. 

I think of nutrition in midlife and menopause as the foundation of your overall wellbeing.

Without that strong platform of health it makes sense that is is difficult to build on.

Movement Together we will find a plan that feels right for you, is consistent and helps you build your muscle mass which is so important in menopause. From the age of 30 we lose approximately 3-8% of muscle mass per decade so its really important that we build in some weight bearing exercise action plans. I am not a personal trainer but have access to programs you can join and will help you create a plan that suits you. As a triathlete in my 40s I learned the importance of varied exercise to keep your body strong and the benefits it brings. As we enter midlife, we need to support our bodies and be gentler on our joints. If you currently do not exercise we can build a plan that incorporates walking or yoga, There are many things that we can start with at home to build your strength and burn that body fat.

Accountability - Such an important element - learning to be accountable. Together we can work on the ways you can become more accountable to yourself. I will help you with this part by being in contact with you as much as you wish. I can help guide you and be your cheerleader and we can work together on the things you are doing right and the things you need to work on. I am here to encourage you every single step as I also want you to get the results that you want.

Mindset - Together we can work on mindset and get you feeling positive and excited by the future. You deserve to feel vibrant and have a spring in your step. Midlife is a time of potential and possibility but stress at this time of your life can sometimes hold you back and derail you and your efforts. Lets work on setting goals that stick, getting rid of the diet mentality, harnessing positivity and eliminating stress.

Obstacles - I have included this portion of the program as I see a lots of women in midlife and menopause with body and overeating issues. If these deeper things do not get addressed then it makes it harder to move forward and harness the health and weight control we are looking for.

I am trained to help you with any additional issues that we can address together and give you freedom. Please don't be hesitant to bring any of these things to light as I have been there and can help you.

Emotional eating or overeating

Body image issues

Self Sabotage

Sugar addiction

Food guilt or food shame.

Image by Brooke Lark


You will achieve weight loss and belly fat

You will lower inflammation in your body

You will reduce aches and pains and puffiness

You will improve your blood sugar regulation and cure the energy slumps

You will experience increased energy and motivation

You will work on your muscle mass to support you in midlife

You will improve your gut health, bloating and digestive issuesfog

You will improve your brain health and clarity and lessen brain

You will learn how to burn fat efficiently

You will feel a new sense of positivity and happiness.

You will feel more confident in your own skin

You will let go of diet mentalities and learn to eat to fuel your body healthily.




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